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Gourmet Appetizers for Steak Dinner (9 Results)

Choose from our selection of delicious appetizers to complement your gourmet entrees. Whether you’re looking for seafood appetizers or hors d'oeuvres, these best sellers will excite and delight your family or dinner guests.

Two-Bite Lollipop Lamb Chops
Starting At: $189.95
Wagyu Cocktail Franks
Starting At: $49.95
Maryland-Style Crab Cakes
Starting At: $149.95
Starting At: $39.95
Key West Crab Cakes
Starting At: $112.95
Beef Wellington Appetizers
Starting At: $189.95
Quail Bacon Appetizers
Starting At: $69.95

Buy Gourmet Appetizers Online

Select from over 10 different fine dining appetizers to choose from that will elevate your main course. Since they’re already cooked, you can simply heat and serve in just minutes.

We’ve carefully prepared each of these flavorful appetizers, ensuring that when heated, they’re incredibly flavorful and taste as if they were freshly made. As finger foods, these options are ideal for entertaining.

Your family and friends can talk and delight in your appetizer spread at the same time! Some of these include our Wagyu Cocktail Franks, Chicken Wing Lollipops, Spanakopita, Two Bite Lamb Lollipops, and Quail Bacon Appetizer. On weeknights when you’re craving something unique, our appetizers make it possible to indulge in gourmet-style dishes in just minutes. With Allen Brothers, you can turn any mundane weeknight meal into a dinner to remember.

Not only are these excellent accompaniments to weeknight and special occasion dinners, but our premium appetizers are also fantastic for light fare for parties. If you’d rather serve guests an array of finger foods, we have the variety that your gathering will absolutely love.

Serve up a range of flavors with seafood-based options, lollipop style lamb and chicken, cocktail hotdogs, hand pies, and more. Pair these elegant and delicious appetizers up with our pre-made desserts to complete your party spread! With cakes, pies, and more, we make it easy to give your guests that perfect flavor note to end the night on. We guarantee that your guests will be more than satisfied with your appetizer selection.

Serving gourmet-quality food doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen! Choose one or several of these appetizers for a steak dinner or to keep on hand for a future occasion.

With Allen Brothers, you know where to buy gourmet appetizers for a fine dining experience right in your home. If you have questions about our pre-made frozen appetizers or other prepared gourmet foods, please contact us for more information.