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There’s nothing like the exceptional taste of wild-caught lobster. When shopping for seafood online, you need a reliable source for shellfish, and lobster delivery. Shop for the most succulent lobster from your home!

Seafood & Lobster Delivery Services

If you've never purchased seafood online, you can trust Allen Brothers. We ship all of our lobster meat in Prime Protection® packaging, which is designed to retain optimal freshness.

We offer the best lobsters wild-caught in the waters of the Atlantic and off the coast of Western Australia.

They're wonderful when served alone and even better in surf and turf dishes. Whether you're a home cook eager to add lobster dinner to your menu,, or a chef replenishing your restaurant's stock, our gourmet lobster tails are sure to exceed your expectations for quality.

Our cold-water Atlantic lobster is meaty, sweet, and incredibly tender. If you’re new to cooking lobster, you can opt for the chef-ready lobster tails, which come carefully cut, cracked, cleaned, and butterflied by our experienced team.

Pair these succulent lobster tails with clarified butter and other toppings for the perfect seafood dinner year-round.

When you add on ready-to-eat appetizers and a few of our indulgent desserts, you'll have the perfect seafood combo platter for an entire meal assembled for your family and friends.

We also offer wild caught rock lobster from Western Australia, which has a very sweet taste and fluffy tenderness that you must try!

Impress your family and friends at home with these tails in grilled and steamed dishes.

If you've purchased lobster from others in the past, you'll notice the difference right away when dining on the highest quality, premium lobster.

Order Lobster from Allen Brothers Today

We provide lobster that taste like they were purchased straight from the fisherman.

Choose the number of tails you need for your gathering and we'll have them shipped right away.

Enjoy your tails the next day with our overnight delivery service. Simply select your delivery date and have seafood at home with our lobster delivery services.