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Surf & Turf Assortments (3 Results)

There are few meals in life as satisfying and delicious as succulent seafood and exceptional beef served together. With our selection of surf and turf combinations at the ready, experience this delicious meal for yourself.

Surf & Turf Classic
Starting At: $159.95
Surf & Turf Crab Combo
Starting At: $219.95
Surf & Turf Classic XL
Starting At: $169.95
We offer several options for this beloved dining classic. Whether you love the sweet buttery flavor of West Australian lobster tails offered in our classic surf and turf or the tender succulence of Alaskan king crab legs, we have the perfect filet to go with it. Our surf and turf combinations start with the best in beef in our expertly trimmed and aged cuts in either USDA Prime or Choice filet mignons in a petite yet meaty 6-ounce size. These filets are tender, juicy, and savory in their flavor for a beef you will love with every bite. From there, we pair our juicy beef with one of several seafood accompaniments to help you get the right flavor outcome for your preferences. For instance, we offer surf and turf meals with cold water lobster tail with a distinct sweetness and meaty proportions, as well as our Bering Sea king crab legs which offer tender meat for a great pairing with the filet mignon. When looking for domestic options, we also offer our juicy and tender Maine lobster tails harvested fresh, handled with care, and sure to please with every bite. While these tasty pairings on their own would be worthy of adding to any menu, the best part is that they come in sets of 4 so you can either host a lovely dinner or just keep them on hand to enjoy at your own pace individually. Order today and experience one of the best dining combinations of all time!