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Prepared Foods (14 Results)

A homecooked meal gives comfort and a delicious flavor savored in every bite. When you want the experience of home cooking of elevated standards but with the ease of already prepared food, our offerings can be the perfect solution for you.

Two-Bite Lollipop Lamb Chops
Starting At: $189.95
Wagyu Cocktail Franks
Starting At: $49.95
Maryland-Style Crab Cakes
Starting At: $149.95
Duck Legs Confit
Starting At: $21.96
Carson's Ribs: Pre-cooked
Starting From: $99.95
Grandma's And Great Grandma's Chocolate Cakes
Starting At: $59.95
Individual Beef Wellington
Starting At: $249.95
Starting At: $39.95
Gateau Au Chocolat
Starting At: $39.95
Key West Crab Cakes
Starting At: $112.95

Our pre-cooked foods include a number of delectable appetizers that go perfectly with our beef, poultry, seafood, and pork. For small bites, consider like Quail Bacon Appetizers, Wagyu Cocktail Franks, Spanakopita, Short Rib & Roquefort Hand Pies, and Beef Wellington Appetizers. Larger appetizers include our Wagyu Short Ribs, Pre-cooked Carson's BBQ Ribs and Beef Wellington. One of these pre-cooked foods are our Maryland Style Crab Cakes, made of all-natural blue crab. Using a traditional century-old Maryland recipe, these crab cakes are hand made with the finest ingredients for a savory, moist cake when baked or pan-fried. With appetizers like these on the table, your family and friends will have options to indulge in as the main course is finished.

No dinner is complete without an indulgent dessert! Finish your evening right with one of our must-have desserts made with the highest quality ingredients available. We have a variety of delicious, moist cakes, pies, and souffles. For example, try the Gateau Au Chocolat, which is a chocolate lava cake imported from France. When heated in the oven, these have an incredible melted cholate center that will satisfy any sweet tooth. We also feature our stunning Grandma's and Great Grandma's Chocolate Cakes. In two-layer and six-layer options, these chocolate cakes are enrobed in a thick chocolate fudge icing that is guaranteed to please the table. In truth, there is no wrong choice here—all of our premium desserts are absolutely incredible with a homemade flavor you and your family will love.

We make it easy to serve fine prepared foods to accompany your main courses. If you've had our premium beef and other meat selections, you'll love the high quality of these appetizers and desserts for your weeknight dinners, family events, and home entertaining. Shop our Pantry Items as well for black truffle butter, duck fat, foie gras, and even our very own knife set. If you have any questions about this collection of indulgent prepared foods, please contact us for further assistance.