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LaBelle Patrimoine Chicken (3 Results)

Enjoy the superior taste and texture of authentic heritage-breed chicken. Unlike conventional chicken, these birds are slow-grown, pasture-raised, and fed an all-vegetarian diet, which results in richer, more flavorful, and healthier chickens. Treat yourself to the best in quality and taste with LaBelle Patrimoine® chicken.

LaBelle Patrimoine® is transparent about how their chickens are raised. This means you know where your chicken is coming from, as chickens are all raised on one of their farms located in Central Pennsylvania and run by local farmers, many of whom are multi-generational Amish and Mennonites. These chickens are descended from the Labelle Rouge breed, which is considered France’s favorite chicken.

• Air-Chilled

• All-Vegetarian Diet

• Pasture-Raised

• No Antibiotics Ever

• Slow grown for 60+ days

• Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Level 4 Certified: 

Chickens are certified as Level 4 by the Global Animal Partnership. This guarantees chickens have 100% access to our pastures. This also meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Better Chicken Commitment that ensures all chickens have access to outdoor shelter, shade, dust bathing area, and the freedom to forage in the open air. There are no other poultry suppliers with a higher G.A.P. rating. Full compliance is verified by third-party auditors.

• USDA Approved Regeneratively Raised:

Regenerative agriculture is the process of restoring degraded soils using practices based on holistic principles. This is done through various practices, including soil health and pasture management, water purity measures, pasture biodiversity, and carbon footprint management.