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USDA Prime Steaks and Beef (44 Results)

Tender, juicy, mind-blowingly delicious… that’s how we’d describe our USDA prime beef. From filet mignon to rib roasts and so many tasty options in between, Allen Brothers' prime steaks and beef are what your table has been waiting for.

USDA Prime Filet Mignon
Starting From: $89.95
USDA Prime Natural Beef Filet
Starting From: $109.95
USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks
Starting From: $109.95
USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye Steaks
Starting From: $159.95
USDA Prime Tenderloin Roast
Starting From: $269.95
Short Rib - Brisket Burgers
Starting From: $29.95
USDA Prime Cowgirl Ribeye
Starting At: $124.95
USDA Prime Skirt Steak
Starting From: $79.95

USDA Prime Beef – The Best of the Best

You may have seen USDA prime steaks for sale at your local butcher or grocery store and listed on the menu at your favorite steakhouse, but what is USDA Prime and why should you be ordering it for your next dinner party or date night meal?

What is USDA Prime?

Before you buy USDA prime beef online, it’s important to understand how important that highest quality prime grade designation is.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grading system grades American beef on three levels:

  • USDA Prime: Prime is the highest quality grade given.Prime steaks and other cuts of beef must be from young cattle that have been well-fed and that exhibit a high level of well-dispersed marbling (aka fat).
  • USDA Choice: Choice beef is good quality but has less marbling and therefore less flavor and a less refined texture than prime beef.
  • USDA Select: Select beef is lean and lacks the marbling of choice or prime beef. These cuts must be marinated or otherwise dressed up to be at their best.

While there is a place on your plate for all quality grades of beef - choice and select are best left for roasts and secondary cuts that will be braised, roasted, or otherwise given extra TLC to coax out a higher level of flavor and texture.

Prime beef, on the other hand, is absolutely phenomenal right out of the box. That abundant marbling means that buttery, beefy flavor is built right into the steak. Throw a USDA prime filet mignon on the grill and you have a masterpiece in mere minutes. Grab some USDA prime boneless ribeye steaks for your next cookout and you’ll churn out picnic plates worthy of a five-star chef. The truth is that the fastest way to culinary stardom is to start with great ingredients, and USDA prime beef is as great as ingredients get.

Prime vs Wagyu

We’ve already touched on the differences between prime beef, choice beef, and select beef, but how does Wagyu fit into the big picture?

USDA designations apply to almost all beef produced in the United States. But the big exception is Wagyu. This highly coveted beef comes from a specific type of Japanese cattle known for intense marbling and incredible flavor. These cattle were geographically isolated for centuries, resulting in three unique strains of cows (Tajima/Tajiri, Kedaka (Tottori), and Fujiyoshi (Shimane).

But what you really need to know is that Wagyu is a sensory experience, and that sensory experience has its own rating system. Look for A5 Wagyu and see how this uber-fatty, marvelously unctuous beef melts on your tongue like nothing you’ve ever had before.


Where Can You Buy USDA Prime Steaks?

Allen Brothers offers a wide range of USDA prime steaks that deliver flavor and texture bite after bite. Those new to this type of meat can start with our Prime Steak Filet/Strip Combo – this set of USDA prime strip steaks and filets offers a little something for everyone at your table, so you can serve a crowd and cater to everyone’s preferences or taste test the steaks on your own. USDA prime porterhouse steaks offer another take on the “best of both worlds” approach, with a bit of filet on one side and New York strip on the other.

Try a USDA prime rib roast (bone-in) for holidays like Easter or Christmas, and slice juicy pieces of prime rib alongside a bit of jus and zingy horseradish. Switch up Sunday dinners with a luxurious tenderloin roast or cook our USDA prime beef brisket in your smoker for layers of flavor that can stand up to spicy sauces or make a splash all on their own.

Order USDA Prime Beef Online from Allen Brothers

To experience Allen Brothers prime steaks for yourself, place an order today! Just fill your cart with these high quality steak cuts, head to checkout, and choose the shipping option that’s best for you. From overnight delivery service that gets your ribeye or porterhouse to you in a hurry to our meticulous packing methods, everything we do is geared toward providing you with incredible prime cuts that not only meet but exceed your expectations.