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Choosing when to receive your order from Allen Brothers is easy and fast!

When checking out, simply select your desired  day of delivery on the shipping calendar and complete your order - we’ll take care of the rest. Need to ship items in your order to more than one address? Be sure to LOG IN and then select SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES when checking out.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Delivery costs are based on the number of items purchased and being sent to a single address as well as the service needed to meet your requested delivery date.

Allen Brothers Prime Delivery Rates:


1 Item* $24.95
2 Items $29.95
3 Items $34.95
4+ Items* $39.95
5+ Items* $44.95


1 Item* $64.95
2 Items $74.95
3+ Items $84.95

* An item is one numbered item from our catalog.

** Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico require overnight delivery and must be placed with our Customer Service Team at 800.548.7777. Prices shown include overnight delivery.

*** We’re sorry – we no longer accept orders for delivery to Canadian addresses.

**** Physical Gift Cards require a $5 Delivery Charge, add $25 for Overnight Delivery.  eGift Cards deliver instantly and free of charge.

What we need from you:

We want to make sending the gift of Allen Brothers a seamless and flawless experience for you and your gift recipients.

Please be sure to confirm your gift recipients’ current address and that they will be present to accept your gift on the delivery day requested. Incorrect addresses or recipients not available to receive their gift could result in spoilage and disappointment. Sorry, we cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes.

*Spoilage/damage/missing deliveries due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses voids our Satisfaction Guarantee. Please be sure to double-check your delivery addresses.

How will my order be packed?

To ensure that your product arrives at its destination in wholesome condition, we pack your order using our exclusive AB Prime Protection® packaging. All meats are individually shrink-wrapped, then flash frozen to lock in all the natural juices and flavor. The meats are packed in an attractive gift box and nestled in a 100% recycled PET insulated liner (#1 recyclable) with enough dry ice to ensure safe delivery. Finally, the container is placed in a heavy-duty corrugated box for an additional layer of protection. It's the best way to ensure that every product is delivered in wholesome condition.

When will my order arrive?


We are eager to pack and ship your Allen Brothers order and offer your choice of the following Allen Brothers Prime Delivery Days: Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

  • Orders placed BEFORE Noon CST can be received within as little as just two business days!
  • Orders placed BEFORE Wednesday, Noon CST to receive your order on Friday of the same week.
  • Orders placed AFTER Wednesday, Noon CST will reflect available Allen Brothers Prime Delivery Dates for the following week as we do not ship our products over the weekend.


Overnight Delivery Service reduces the time-in-transit to just 1 day for an additional $25 and is the perfect solution if:

  • Would like to schedule a delivery on a Tuesday
  • Would like to receive your order on a Friday, but missed the Friday Allen Brothers Prime Delivery Cutoff (Wednesday, Noon CST).


For those who would like to receive their delivery on Saturday (where available):

  • Orders placed BEFORE Thursday, Noon CST require an additional $25 Saturday Delivery charge.
  • Orders placed AFTER Thursday, Noon CST requires an additional $65 Overnight + Saturday Delivery charge.

Below is our Order Deadline Table which describes Order Cut-offs and Expected Delivery Day in detail:

Order Day before Noon CST  Monday Shipping Day  Monday AB Prime Delivery Day  Wednesday Overnight Delivery Day * Tuesday*
Order Day before Noon CST  Tuesday Shipping Day  Tuesday AB Prime Delivery Day  Thursday Overnight Delivery Day * Wednesday*
Order Day before Noon CST  Wednesday Shipping Day  Wednesday AB Prime Delivery Day  Friday Overnight Delivery Day * Thursday*
Order Day before Noon CST  Thursday Shipping Day  Thursday AB Prime Delivery  Saturday** Overnight Delivery Day * Friday*
Order Day before Noon CST  Friday Shipping Day  Friday AB Prime Delivery Day  N/A Overnight Delivery Day  Saturday***
Order Day CST  Saturday Shipping Day  Monday AB Prime Delivery Day  Wednesday Overnight Delivery Day * Tuesday*
Order Day CST  Sunday Shipping Day  Monday AB Prime Delivery Day  Wednesday Overnight Delivery Day * Tuesday*

*Orders requesting Overnight Delivery will require an additional $25 delivery charge

**Orders requesting Saturday Delivery placed BEFORE Thursday, Noon CST require an additional $25 Saturday Delivery charge.

***Orders requesting Saturday Delivery placed AFTER Thursday, Noon CST requires an additional $65 Overnight + Saturday Delivery charge

While we will make every attempt to adhere to the below tables as much as possible, holidays and unforeseen circumstances can force exceptions to the shipping and delivery schedule. For orders shipped during holiday seasons, please see the Holiday Ordering Information below.

Ordering Deadlines for Holiday Delivery

Wed, May 22, 2024 Memorial Day, May 27, 2024
Wed, June 12, 2024 Father's Day, June 16, 2024
Wed, June 26, 2024 Independence Day, July 4, 2024
Wed, August 28, 2024 Labor Day, September 2, 2024

Important Delivery Notes for December:

  • We encourage you to order and schedule holiday gift deliveries as early in December as possible.
  • Due to heavy shipping volume during the Holiday Season, your order may arrive one or two days earlier than requested.
  • Requests for order modifications to orders delivering during the month of December such as: change of address or item and the addition of a gift message, may result in delay of your requested delivery or may not be able to be accommodated.
  • Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances can cause shipments to arrive later than expected.
  • Once our Delivery Reservation Limit for specific days leading up to Christmas is reached, we will provide you with alternate delivery dates which may include:
    • Delivery dates before the week of Christmas
    • Delivery dates between Christmas and New Year’s Eve
    • Delivery dates after New Year’s Day
    • The purchase/delivery of an  eGiftCard which can be delivered instantly
  • Please order and schedule your delivery to arrive as early in December as possible.