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Angus Beef (9 Results)

Our Upper Choice 100% Angus beef is hand-selected from local Midwest family ranchers who take pride in animal welfare and use sustainable farming practices. With a consistent marbling that scores just below USDA Prime this exceptional Angus beef meets our high standards for tenderness and flavor beyond compare.

What is Angus Beef?

Angus beef comes from the Aberdeen Angus cattle breed, and it is known for its exceptional marbling. Its natural fat distribution within the muscle enhances the beef's flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Originating in Scotland, this breed of cattle is highly valued in the beef industry for its consistent quality, making Angus beef a top choice for connoisseurs and chefs seeking premium meat.

We are proud to offer premium Angus beef focusing on sustainable and humane farming practices. This commitment ensures our beef is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

Angus Beef Steak Cuts

Choose your favorite cuts from our very own Upper Choice Black Angus. Hand-selected from 100% Black Angus cattle that are grass-grazed and grain-finished for a high degree of marbling that’s close to USDA Prime and offers a rich beefy flavor. Enhanced by our wet-aging process , these premium Angus selections are sure to elevate any steak dinner:

  • Filet Mignon: Experience the epitome of tenderness with our filet mignon. Each cut is masterfully trimmed, offering a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a subtle, yet distinct, beef flavor that's both elegant and satisfying.

  • Ribeye Steak: Whether looking for bone-in or boneless, our selection has you covered with robust, flavorful meat brimming with juicy heartiness in every bite.

  • Porterhouse: Indulge in the best of both worlds with our porterhouse steak, featuring the rich flavor of a strip and the tenderness of a filet. This generously sized steak is perfect for those who appreciate a hearty, flavor-packed meal.

  • New York Strip: Savor the classic taste of our New York strip steak. Known for its fine texture and buttery richness, this steak offers a balanced flavor profile that's both bold and refined, making it a perennial favorite among steak enthusiasts.

  • Bundles: Check out our bundle option for a mix-and-match approach to high standards in beef. Expand your dining options or send them as a gift to make someone happy.

Allen Brothers Angus is chosen from exclusively 100% Black Angus genetics, widely known for consistency and quality, and earns some of the highest accolades of any USDA Certified Premium Beef Program.

Other Angus Beef Cuts

Our Angus Beef selection at Allen Brothers extends beyond just steaks. Explore our diverse offerings, which include a variety of cuts and preparations to suit every taste.

  • Tenderloin: Select our Angus tenderloin roast for a juicy yet rich beef flavor. The high amount of marbling makes this cut tender and delicious down to the last bite.

  • Burgers: If you are more into burgers, check out our highly-favored Angus steak burgers. Enjoy some of the best burgers you’ll ever taste guaranteed to leave you and your guests raving.

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