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Allen Brothers Angus Tenderloin Roast

Our hand-selected Upper Choice Angus Tenderloin Roast is grass-grazed and then grain-finished for a high degree of marbling and tenderness in every juicy bite. Read More

Our very own Angus Tenderloin from mature Black Angus that are grass-grazed and grain-finished for a high degree of marbling and a rich beefy flavor that is enhanced by our wet-aging process. Exclusively 100% Black Angus genetics, a breed known for consistency and quality. Hand selected from a single source, Allen Brothers Angus earns some of the highest accolades of any USDA Certified Premium Beef Programs. Chosen from the very top USDA Choice graded loins which has ample marbling closer to USDA Prime. Pasture and ranch raised then grain finished to ensure a high degree of marbling and flavor is present in every juicy tender bite. You can turn any day of the week into a celebration when you serve this delicious indulgence at your next meal.