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Gourmet Hot Dogs (4 Results)

A hot dog is an American classic beloved by millions. Bringing to mind a simpler time or fond memories of grilling in the backyard, hot dogs are a staple for many cookouts and diners. Leave it to a company known for its mouthwatering steaks to produce equally delicious hot dogs.

Wagyu Cocktail Franks
Starting At: $49.95
Wagyu Steak Dogs | Skinless
Starting At: $69.95
The All-American Assortment
Starting At: $106.15

Taste the Difference with Gourmet Hot Dogs

From the first bite, you’ll know that our beef hot dogs are a cut above the rest. These amazing beef franks offer a unique dining experience you’ll savor long after the last bite. Our ample, skinless steakhouse Chicago-style hot dogs provide the perfect snap, with good smoky flavor, while our wagyu franks deliver a different take on this staple, both tastefully redefining this all-time culinary favorite. 

All are perfect on the grill, full of crispy flavor and juiciness without compromising quality. Whether you prefer to cook our Great Steakhouse dogs for an upgraded classic or our wagyu beef dogs for a different take on wieners, our selection guarantees the best cookout of the season.

Order Hot Dogs Online from Allen Brothers

Our selection offers the best premium ingredients, handled with the utmost care from start to finish, ensuring a savory and delightful experience with every yummy bite. Elevate your next BBQ today with these delicious menu options, ready to eat with your favorite hot dog buns, toppings, and side dishes!

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