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Wagyu Steak Dogs | Skinless

Try our Skinless 100% Wagyu Steak Dogs for an elevated hot dog experience. Read More

Treat yourself, family and friends, to our juicy Wagyu Beef Steak Dogs. Richly flavorful and crafted from all-natural 100% Australian Wagyu. Approx. 6" length. Processed in USA. 

Each order contains 5 packages ( 1 lb ea) | Each package contains five 3.2oz fully cooked, skinless hot dogs.

Ingredients: 100% Wagyu Beef, Water, Seasoning (Pepper & Other Spices, Dextrose, Salt, Flavorings [Spice Extractives]), Salt, Dextrose, Isolated Carrot Product, Granulated Garlic, Potato Starch, Cultured Celery Powder, Sea Salt.