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Great seafood should taste as if you bought it straight off the boat from your local fishmonger. Our fish is frozen to preserve peak freshness and lock in its flavor and texture.

Chilean Sea Bass
Starting At: $189.95
Atlantic Salmon
Starting At: $99.95
Wild Swordfish
Starting At: $145.95
Yellowfin Tuna
Starting At: $159.95
Big Glory Bay King Salmon
Starting From: $95.95
Wild Alaskan King Salmon Filet
Starting At: $129.95

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Allen Brothers takes pride in offering a diverse selection of the highest quality fresh and saltwater fish online.

From sustainably produced Chilean sea bass to Wild Coho Salmon fillets from Alaska, our selection of premium fish has everything you need to add something special to the menu. These juicy and flavorful varieties are easy to prepare, and they pair nicely with a wide range of sides. Whether you prefer a succulent halibut or one of our multiple wild salmon options - you can find it all right here and shop with confidence.

We take the utmost of care to ensure our fish arrives at your door in impeccable condition for a rich and flavorful dining experience you are sure to love. Order today and enjoy a seafood lovers' paradise!

Try Buying Salmon Online

Salmon has become one of our most popular choices due to its excellent taste, versatility in dishes, and overall health benefits.

Whether you are looking for wild-caught Alaskan King salmon for a delicious and healthy dinner or you want to start off your morning right with smoked salmon on your bagel - we have what you need. If you're looking for something to really impress, we also offer our Coho salmon, an Alaskan sourced salmon with a beautiful reddish-orange appearance and flavorful notes perfect for a lean choice that is still rich in taste.

Whatever your needs are - this versatile fish is perfect for any meal and is available in a variety of different serving sizes.

Allen Brothers Offers More High-quality Seafood

Looking for more seafood options? Allen Brothers offer a great selection of frozen seafood online that you won't find in grocery stores. Check out our other selections including shellfish and caviar!