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Scallops are indulgent, buttery, and incredibly tender, making them necessary inclusions on the dinner table. Buy scallops online for seafood boils, surf and turf, appetizers, and more.Our high-quality, succulent scallops are ideal for any occasion.

Indulge in the Best Scallops for Sale

Once harvested, our wild-caught Jumbo Sea Scallops are shucked and iced immediately for optimal freshness and flavor. They're hand-picked for size and quality, so they're the very best you can find. No preservatives are used when dry-packed, so you can enjoy these scallops in all their natural splendor.  Since they're so versatile, you can grill, sear, bake, or toss these scallops in soups—the possibilities are endless! These are available in 1 lb. packages, so you'll have enough to feed everyone.

We also have our Colossal Bacon Wrapped Scallops, which are incredible as appetizers or the main course of a fresh seafood dinner. Wrapped in lean, smoky bacon, these are harvested from the Atlantic and quickly processed on the ship to preserve the freshness and taste. When baked, the taste of the juicy bacon and fresh sea scallops is truly one of the best flavor combinations in the world!

Whether you're changing things up for family meals or bringing in a special treat for family gatherings, our premium scallop selection is sure to excite and satisfy.

Use a quality drawn butter or our Black Truffle Butter to elevate these flavors even more. Create a complete meal with your scallop order with the addition of our pantry and ready-to-eat appetizers, like Spanakipita, select caviars, and more.

Delicious Sea Scallops Delivered to Your Door

Scallops should taste as if you bought them from a fisherman. Get the freshest quality when you buy scallops online from Allen Brothers.

When you order our shellfish, they'll be shipped in a 100% recycled PET insulated liner (#1 recyclable) with enough dry ice to ensure safe delivery. For extra protection, the container is placed in a heavy-duty corrugated box.

If you have any questions about your first order of premium scallop delivery, please contact us for further assistance. Enjoy your scallops the next day with our overnight delivery service. Easily select your delivery date and savor the natural flavor of our fresh scallops today!