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Scallops (3 Results)

Scallops are a must-have for any meal, with their rich, buttery taste and super tender texture. When you're looking to buy the best scallops, Allen Brothers’ online store is the place to go. We've got top-notch sea scallops for sale that are perfect for all sorts of dishes, from appetizers to main courses. Whether it's a seafood boil, a fancy surf and turf, or just a simple starter, our scallops will make your meal special.

Indulge in Sea Scallops

If you're looking to add something new to your family meals or want to impress at a family gathering, our high-quality sea scallops are the perfect choice. They're sure to bring excitement and satisfaction to your table.

Colossal Sea Scallops

Our wild-caught Colossal Sea Scallops are quickly shucked and iced right after they're harvested off the North Atlantic coast. This keeps them super fresh and full of flavor. We pick each one by hand for its size and quality, making sure they're the best you can get. They're packed without any preservatives or additives, so you get to enjoy their natural, sweet flavor. These scallops are great for cooking in many ways - you can pan sear, sauté, bake, or even add them to soups. Each 1 lb. package has plenty of scallops, perfect for sharing with everyone.

Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops

We also have our Colossal Bacon Wrapped Scallops , which are incredible as appetizers or the main course of a fresh seafood dinner. Wrapped in lean, smoky bacon, these are harvested from water sources from Canada down to Virginia and quickly processed on the ship to preserve the freshness and taste. When baked, the taste of the juicy bacon and fresh sea scallops is truly one of the best flavor combinations in the world!

Delicious Sea Scallops Delivered to Your Door

Get the freshest, highest quality scallops that taste like they're straight from a fisherman, when you buy them online from Allen Brothers. Our shellfish are packed in 100% recycled PET insulated liners, which are completely recyclable, with enough dry ice for safe delivery. They're then placed in a sturdy box for extra safety.

If it's your first order and you have questions, feel free to contact us for help. With our next-day delivery service options, you can enjoy your scallops super fast. Just pick your delivery date and get ready to taste the fresh, natural flavor of our scallops!