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Veal Chops (3 Results)

With our delicious selection of veal chops for sale online, create a meal that excites the taste buds from the first savory bite to the very last. Your favorite veal rib roast chops and tomahawk cuts await!

Milk-Fed Dutch Veal Tomahawk
Starting At: $199.95
Milk-Fed Dutch Veal Rib Chops
Starting From: $74.95

Our veal chops are more than just a meal, they set a new standard.

What sets our chops apart from the competition? For starters, we begin with the highest standards in terms of quality and flavor. Tender and delicate in texture with a sweet and mild flavor, our Dutch veal goes beyond being grass-fed, it's milk-fed . And that's just the start. Aside from the milk-fed diet to ensure their milky color and desirable tenderness, we also take great care in how we age our veal chops. We wet-age our veal and use our fine-tuned process to deliver the juiciest, most flavorful meat possible. From there, our expert butchers trim with care to ensure the perfect ratio of fat for flavor.

Choose from several bone-in options when shopping this selection such as your choice of loin, tomahawk, and more in a chop style. Veal tenderloin chops give a meaty choice while tomahawk offers a beautiful presentation. These options are ideal for a delicious meal elevated to new standards.

Where you're impressing your friends with your favorite Osso Buco or veal stew recipe, grilling for family in the summer, or putting together a holiday meat gift box for loved ones, our milk-fed veal is the perfect choice. Explore each veal chop option's product details and find the right choice today!

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