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Steak Bundles (14 Results)

Whether for the upcoming holiday season, an anniversary, or as part of the company incentive, steak gifts are a superior option for the individual of great taste.

No matter if you're searching for burgers, filets, ribeyes, or a mix of cuts, our premium assortments cater to your heart's desire. These selections are either dry or wet-aged in-house by our highly skilled butchers. While the majority of these selections are USDA Prime and Choice grade, you'll also find succulent grass-fed beef. Want some of our most exclusive beef assortments? See the Wagyu and Black Angus samplers, which each feature a rich taste and plentiful marbling for an extraordinary dining experience. Choose one or several to keep on hand for weeknight dining, home entertainment, special occasions, and more. They're also wonderful as gifts for the holidays, birthdays, work anniversaries, or even just because. One of the great things about our beef assortments is the ability to sample various cuts of our top-quality beef. For example, our Prime Steak Lovers Assortment XL option includes USDA Prime sirloin strips, ribeyes, porterhouses, and filet mignons—8 steaks in all. Some assortments are designated for date nights at home while others are just right for gourmet breakfasts or grilling on beautiful summer days. With fine assortments like these, you can savor a number of our beef selections to see which ones are your favorite. If you or your recipient have never tried Allen Brothers meats, the stark difference in superior quality will be apparent at first bite!

While there are dozens of beef assortments to choose from, you truly can't go wrong. Shop our Prepared Food selection to add on other indulgent dinner items like Quail Bacon Appetizers, Spanakopita, and Wagyu Cocktail Franks. Decadent Thaw and Serve Desserts like Crème Brulee, Chocolate Souffles, and so much more. With these, you'll have complete meals ready to cook whenever you'd like. If you have any questions about our selection of the finest beef assortments available, please contact us for further assistance. Experience a flavorful beef assortment worth savoring today!