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USDA Prime Porterhouse Deconstruction

The best of all worlds, this bundle includes two of our USDA Prime Porterhouse steaks plus its separate components - four USDA Prime Strip Steaks and four USDA Prime Filets Mignon, all at a 15% savings over buying the same items individually. Read More

Our Porterhouse Deconstruction Bundle includes the best of all worlds - four USDA Prime orterhouse steaks plus its deconstructed components, 4 delicate USDA Prime filets mignon and 4 juicy USDA Prime boneless sirloin strip steaks. This premium assortment makes an excellent gift but is also convenient to have on hand for entertaining or an everyday indulgence.

Bundle includes:

4 USDA Prime Boneless Strip Steaks 10 oz each

2 USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks 20 oz each

4 USDA Prime Filets Mignon 6 oz each