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Strip Steak (10 Results)

There are few things in life as enjoyable as a superior strip steak dinner. A strip steak offers a meaty choice to please with every bite. A true classic for dining enjoyment, a strip steak of high standards elevates any dining experience to new heights.

Strip steaks are cut from the short loin of the cow. Sometimes called shell steaks or New York sirloin steak, they're known for their tenderness and great marbling; this gives the beef a rich flavor and makes it the perfect centerpiece to any meal. Allen Brothers sirloin strip steak elevates the experience even more with a special wet-aging process, plus a wide variety of options to choose from.

When considering our selection of Prime NY strip steak, there are several options available to help you make the perfect meal. To start, we offer both boneless sliced strips and bone-in steaks (often referred to as Kansas City steak). In addition, you can choose from USDA Prime Beef, Wagyu, and USDA Choice grades.

From there, it comes down to specific process, cuts, and taste. When you want an option that is full of flavor in close trim, our thick baseball cut strip steak is a worthy addition to any meal.

For an all-natural approach to dining, we offer natural and grass-fed cuts of beef. These steaks are free from hormones and antibiotics and are known for being extra juicy and packed with flavor.

Regardless of which Prime New York Strip Steak is best suited to your dining preferences or occasion, our selections are high quality and handled with care from start to finish. Every strip steak we offer is hand-cut and features exquisite marbling for exceptional flavor and tenderness.

When you want a meal sure to please with every bite, a strip steak is the hearty choice you need. Pair a medium-rare strip steak with your favorite sides for a meal sure to please.

When looking to mix things up, add some seafood to your strip steak for a surf and turf option. Add the powerhouse staple of this choice to your next meal today!