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60 Day Dry-Aged USDA Prime Boneless Sirloin Strip Steak

Exclusive Limited-Run: 60-Day Dry-Aged Strip Steak Read More

We are thrilled to offer the public a rare delight: our special 60-day aged strip steak, now at an exclusive price. This limited-edition steak boasts a flavor profile that can only come from one of the oldest dry age rooms in the country. Like fine wine or aged cognac, extended aging deepens the beef's flavor, imparting a rich, dark taste with a sweet nuttiness reminiscent of roasted peanuts.

We begin with the finest grain-fed, pasture-raised beef, selecting only the top-grade of Prime for unparalleled quality and taste. The beef ages openly in our meticulously controlled coolers, forming a hard crust that protects the tender, edible tissue inside. After aging, this outer layer is carefully trimmed away, revealing meat that is exceptionally tender and distinctively dry-aged.

Limited supply!