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USDA Prime Steak Lovers Assortment

Our most popular assortment includes USDA Prime strips, ribeyes, porterhouse and filets - plus this bundle is a 15% savings over buying these steaks separately Read More

A steak lover's dream - from our hand-cut delicate filets mignon and colossal porterhouses to tender strip steaks and succulent ribeyes, this popular all USDA Prime assortment includes each of our customers' favorite selections.

All cuts are wet-aged in vacuum-sealed bags under controlled conditions which prevents moisture from evaporating and breaks down the meat's complex proteins from the inside out, producing meat that is even more tender, sweet, and juicy. An Allen Brothers premium assortment makes an excellent gift and is also convenient to have in the freezer for your next grill fest!

Bundle includes:

2 USDA Prime Boneless Strip Steaks 12 oz each

2 USDA Prime Boneless Ribeyes 12 oz each

2 USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks 16 oz each

2 USDA Prime Filets Mignon 8 oz each

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