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Butcher's Selections of Specialty Meats (18 Results)

No one celebrates the joys of great beef like Allen Brothers, which is why we leave no stone unturned in offering a lengthy menu of tender, flavorful beef specialties for family gatherings, weekday meals, and home entertaining.

USDA Prime Skirt Steak
Starting From: $79.95
USDA Prime Hanger Steaks
Starting From: $74.95
Wagyu Skirt Steak
Starting At: $161.95
USDA Prime Top Sirloin Steaks
Starting From: $64.95
Wagyu Short Ribs | Uncooked
Starting From: $159.95
London Broil
Starting At: $119.96
USDA Prime Flat Iron Steak
Starting From: $69.95
Tenderloin Steak Tips
Starting From: $49.95
Wagyu Packer Brisket
Starting At: $199.95

Experience the excellence of our top-grade, hand-cut beef in our butcher's selections collection. Here, you'll find over 15 of our most popular cuts that steakhouses and other restaurants have included in their menus for years. Selections like the London Broil, Hanger Steaks, and Top Sirloin Steaks bear the USDA Prime emblem, meaning they're in the top 3% of all graded American beef. According to the USDA, these meats are "the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor," making them the perfect addition to your at-home dinner party and everyday dining with your family. Take advantage of summer evenings with grill-ready cuts like tender Wagyu flank steaks and top sirloin steaks. Take on a new culinary adventure right at home with Wagyu beef cheeks and beef marrow bones. For BBQ aficionados and restaurants, our selection of hand-cut, top-grade Wagyu beef back rib racks and short ribs offer the opportunity to smoke, slow cook, or oven braise for unbelievable flavor and tenderness. We also carry several full-blood Wagyu options, meaning animals were never cross-bred. This provides a rich, silky texture and ample marbling that has three times the IMF rating of USDA Prime beef. The full-blood Wagyu flat iron cut, for example, is incredibly tender and cooks perfectly on the grill, in the oven, or as a pan-seared dish. With our butcher's selections, you will love the commitment to excellence in quality, cut, and even packaging. When you need the best of the best for your at-home gathering, Allen Brothers is there to help you assemble delicious and memorable dishes.

From the backyard pitmaster to the seasoned culinary expert, this collection of top-of-the-line beef cuts has what you need to elevate special occasions, dinner menus, and weekday meals. Be sure to browse our decadent add-on items like ready-to-eat appetizers, rich caviar, butters, desserts, and so much more. If you have any questions about our butcher's selections, please contact us for further assistance.