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Wagyu Flank Steak

The perfect cut for your favorite marinade Read More

The Flank steak, a lean flat cut of meat from the abdominal muscle, has a reputation for being on the tougher side so we proudly offer our Wagyu Flank that amps up the tenderness with a bit of marbling Wagyu provides. Flank takes well to marinades which adds extra juicy tenderness to this popular grilling cut. We recommend cooking hot and fast, rare to medium-rare, then slice across the grain, or braise low and slow until falling apart tender as there is no middle ground with Flank. This cut’s rich beefy flavor stands up to strong accents, like the chilis and spices in fajitas, a favorite flank steak presentation. This cut will soon be your new favorite! Sourced from cattle raised on expansive Australian pastures by dedicated families who steward the land and are obsessed with crafting the finest beef. Grade: BMS 6-7.