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Wagyu Short Ribs Flanken-Cut

Out thin cut ribs amp up your Korean style BBQ with the richness of highly marbled wagyu Read More

You can easily prepare Korean BBQ, or Kalbi, at home with our flanken-cut Wagyu Short Ribs. We cut lengthwise across the bones, from the chuck end of the short ribs, creating a thin slice of meat with a few small bones on one side. Highly marbled and full of flavor these Wagyu short ribs make any Kalbi even more special, just bathe in your favorite soy sauce and brown sugar marinade then quickly sear both sides on a hot grill. These ribs come from Wagyu that freely roam expansive Australian pastures where they feed on native grasses, raised by dedicated families who steward the land and are obsessed with crafting the finest beef. Grade: BMS 6-7.