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USDA Prime Full Packer Beef Brisket

Slow cooked or smoked, this king of Briskets is sure to reward your patience Read More

Now offering you access to the same brisket requested by some of our top steakhouses. Experience the joy of chefs and professional BBQ pitmasters with this beautifully-marbled USDA Prime Full Packer Brisket, sure to bring on the bragging rights for years to come. Whole untrimmed brisket includes the point, fat cap and deckle. We then wet-age our Brisket for the most tender meat that exceeds all expectations. Whether smoked, slow cooked or oven roasted, this hand-selected brisket will impress with its tenderness and richness. Sourced in the Midwest from the very best grain fed, pasture raised superior breeds. 

Due to natural variations in cattle weight of actual product may vary.