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Quail (2 Results)

When looking for an option that is as much flavor as it is presentation and elegance, quail is surely at the top of your list. When seeking to buy quail online, you need a name you can trust to meet your exacting standards with confidence.

Whole Semi-Boneless Quail
Starting At: $49.95
Quail Bacon Appetizers
Starting At: $69.95

Types of Quail Available at Allen Brothers 

We offer a few elegant and delicious options to allow you to buy quail online with ease. Order from the comfort of your own home and have this delicate item delivered straight to your front door for the ultimate convenience.

When looking to order quail online, we offer several options. For starters, our appetizer selections feature delicate and delectable semi-boneless legs and fully-boned breast pieces, which are then wrapped in decadent bacon to create a juicy, unique, easy-to-prepare, and serve appetizer sure to delight the senses. Best of all, the package is resealable so you can serve some and save some for later to savor just for yourself. These appetizers will be the life of the party with every bite sure to please with its delightful decadence.

When looking for the whole quail, we offer an elegant option brimming with flavor. This whole quail is semi-boned leaving only the drumette for an elegant appearance anyone can appreciate for its beauty. With a lower fat content and decadent flavor, this wonderful option is an enjoyable choice from start to finish in a myriad of ways like roasting, pan-roasting, or grilling. It is even easy to prepare with many options available to you such as bake, broil, or grill to get the right desired outcome. Order this delectable dish today and elevate your next dining experience in style.