Desserts (4 Results)

No meal is truly complete without an indulgent dessert to satisfy your palette after a savory dinner. From cakes and eclairs to pies and souffles, we offer a stunning array of gourmet quality desserts bound to impress your family and dinner guests.

Chocolate Souffles
Starting At: $34.95
Gateau Au Chocolat
Starting At: $39.95
Crème Brulee
Starting At: $34.95

Serving beautifully prepared desserts with elegant flavors and textures has never been easier. Our dessert selections are prepared by us with the finest ingredients available, so you’ll only need to thaw, heat, and serve. Choose from single serve options like our Chocolate Souffle, and Crème Brûlée. Each of these options offer unique flavor profiles that are absolutely incredible. We also offer the unique Gateau Au Chocolate, an absolutely stunning lava cake imported from France. When sliced, chocolate sauce flows out of the moist cake. These options allow your family and guests to indulge in premium desserts without spending hours baking them. We recommend trying more than one of these fine pre-cooked desserts, as we simply can’t choose a favorite.

If you plan to host a larger gathering of 10 or more guests, you may be more interested in our more substantial dessert offerings. No matter what type of main course you serve, a cake or pie is always a welcome inclusion. These are ideal for your holiday gatherings or other special occasions. We also offer two decadent chocolate cakes, each of which serve over 10 guests. The Grandma’s Cake features two layers whereas the Great Grandma’s Cake is made with six layers. Each of these stunning cake options are enrobed in thick chocolate fudge to easily satisfy any sweet tooth. Love both chocolate and apple flavors? Choose each of them so you can serve one for your upcoming dinner and keep the other for a future occasion!

Finish your feast with the sweet, satisfying flavors of Allen Brothers desserts. Before heating your desserts, please follow our instructions to avoid overcooking. If you have questions about our pre-made desserts or other prepared foods, please contact us for more information.