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Wet Aged Roasts (13 Results)

For the perfect holiday or weeknight meal, roasts offer impeccable flavor and plentiful servings.

Wet aged roasts are aged between 32 and 48 days in vacuum-sealed bags, where enzymes break down the meat's complex proteins, so it becomes incredibly tender. Bring home one of our delicious roasts for a memorable meal anytime.

Wet aging provides a distinct flavor profile that is more tender, sweet, and juicy. When you're searching for roasts to have on hand at home, this collection offers over 10 boneless and bone-in wet-aged roasts to choose from. Many of these are USDA Prime, which is comprised of the top 3% of all graded American beef. Choose the London Broil or our Petite New York Strip Roast to slow cook during the day for a hearty meal when the family comes homes. How about a weeknight with Beef Wellington? Ours is delicately layered with duck and goose layer pate, then accented with black truffles and our mushroom duxelles. The beef is then wrapped in a golden puff pastry that is ready to cook. One Wellington feeds up to eight people, so it's perfect for family gatherings. Include our luxurious Wagyu roasts, offered in both boneless and bone-in selections. Featuring the iconic Wagyu marbling, these roasts are the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dinner and other special occasions. No matter which wet-aged roast you choose, the meat will be buttery-like with an excellent taste that you, your family, and others will remember.

Make your special occasion even more so with our top-grade beef roasts. Add on any of our ready-to-eat appetizers and indulgent desserts for a complete meal. Allen Brothers is here to make your at-home dining experience the very best with the finest beef selection available. If you have any questions about our premium wet-aged roasts, please contact us for further assistance. Experience a flavorful beef worth savoring today.