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Dry Aged Porterhouse (2 Results)

Porterhouse steaks are a renowned delicacy, distinguished by their satisfying texture and tantalizing flavor. Perfect for that special occasion or to treat yourself!

What is Dry Aged Beef

Dry-aging is a complex process that requires precision control over temperature, air circulation, and humidity. Over time the meat takes on an artisanal flavor as its moisture evaporates from the outside layer of crust forming around it; this outer shell develops more intensely with longer aging periods. For more information on the dry aging process - check out our guide on the differences between wet and dry aging.

At Allen Brothers, our dry aging process is completed in-house using custom coolers and when finished, our highly skilled butchers process it by hand.

Try any of our dry-aged Porterhouse steak for a unique and tantalizing steak experience! Its nutty, earthy flavor is sure to delight the palate, while its tenderness rivals that of any other cut. Fans of blue cheese will absolutely love this umami-packed treat - introducing you to depths and richness unlike anything else available in steakhouses today.

Choose a Dry-aged Porterhouse From Allen Brothers

The USDA Prime dry-aged porterhouse is one of the top 3% of all graded American beef that earn this title. We're committed to excellence, so we choose the best of the best to bear the Allen Brothers name. Allen Brothers is here to elevate your everyday dining as well as provide steakhouses with the highest quality of beef in the nation.

Perfect for special occasions, our collection of premium dry-aged porterhouse steaks is the ultimate indulgence. Tender and bursting with flavor due to its aging process, these are sure to please even your most discerning guests or family members!

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Dry-aged porterhouse is the perfect steak with robust flavor and a buttery texture. Whether you want to sear your steak in a cast-iron skillet or BBQ on the grill, you’ll rave about the delicious flavor. Elevate your dining standards by ordering online for fast shipping to your door.