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Foie Gras Lobe

Our delicate Foie Gras is sliced to the perfect size for sautéing without the need for cutting. This is the product to recreate the famous Foie Gras Burger. Read More

With a rich and buttery yet delicate flavor our Foie Gras is the perfect size for sauteing without the need for cutting. Bring the steakhouse to your house by cooking this treat at home - simply cook the entire lobe quickly in a smoking hot skillet to medium rare. Then create an elegant appetizer by serving pan-seared foie gras on a toasted brioche, or recreate the famous Foie Gras Burger by adding to the top of our very own Steakhouse Burger. Looking for a different way to try foie gras? Try our Foie Gras Terrine for your next charcuterie board.