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Wagyu Beef Burgers (2 Results)

Sometimes, you want more from your burger. When you want a fresh take on the traditional burger, Wagyu beef brings the rich flavor and buttery tenderness you crave in the perfect juicy burger.

Wagyu Steak Burgers
Starting From: $29.95
Wagyu Sliders
Starting At: $64.95

Upgrade Your Burger Game with Our Premium Wagyu Beef Patties

Bring your weeknight BBQs or dinner party feasts to an entirely new level with Wagyu burgers. We offer a couple of different yet delicious Wagyu hamburger styles that will more than satisfy your family and guests.

Wagyu Ground Beef Options

Allen Brothers is a purveyor of high-quality meats and source our beef from only the finest Wagyu cattle farms. The cattle are raised on a carefully crafted diet of grains and forages to ensure the highest level of marbling and tenderness. We rigorously evaluate each cut of beef to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and flavor before offering it to customers. Try some of our excellent options below.

Wagyu Beef Sliders

If you plan to serve sliders as a part of a finger food spread, our Wagyu sliders are the perfect choice. Though small, they maintain the rich marbling that makes them flavorful and tender. Available in packages of 8 pre-formed patties, you will love the savory flavor and buttery texture of these burgers. They’re perfect when grilled or pan-seared, and with your chosen condiments, you will absolutely delight your family and guests with every bite.

Wagyu Beef Steak Burgers

Maybe you are a burger connoisseur and want a thicker, richer patty. We have the perfect option for you with our Kobe-Style Wagyu Steak Burgers!They’re sure to impress your guests with their high marbling and sweet flavor profile. Order these up to 1” thick and in packages of 12 to 16 patties. Serve them up on brioche buns for a burger dinner to remember.

No matter which Wagyu burger options you choose, you simply cannot go wrong with premium beef like Wagyu.

Order Wagyu Burgers From Allen Brothers

Once you try our Wagyu burgers for the first time, you may never go back! Want to enhance the flavor of them even more? Consider adding our premium Foie Gras Lobe or Black Truffle Butter to your order for an exceptional Allen Brothers dining experience. Simply order online through our easy checkout process and bring the best burgers to your home. We also offer gift cards to give the gift of Wagyu to the meat lovers in your life!

See our Burgers Cooking Guide for our curated Wagyu burger recipes. If you have questions about our Wagyu burgers or other products, contact us for more information.