Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Experience real rich chicken flavor with this pasture-raised heirloom breed - non-GMO - antibiotic free Read More

Enjoy chicken that is juicier, deeply flavored and more tender than that of conventional chicken. These hand-trimmed boneless, skinless chicken breasts (with tenders) are air-chilled so the meat has a noticeably better texture. Chicken breast is versatile and convenient to have on hand so that you can quickly and easily prepare your favorite dishes.

Cooks Venture chicken is not your ordinary chicken. Committed to true transparency in every step - from regenerative farming practices of the non-GMO feed - to their careful breeding selection - to the land which these birds have unrestricted access –all contributing to a chicken with deeply flavored meat and exceptional texture.

These GAP 4 Certified birds are bred and raised in Arkansas, on pasture 100% of the time and with access to shelter. Never given antibiotics and bred to thrive outdoors these slow-growth birds not only taste better they have higher levels of Omega 3s and vitamin A, lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fats, and higher levels of antioxidants and iron than conventional chicken. Taste how real chicken is supposed to be.

Four 2 pc packs per order. Ships frozen.