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Dry-Aged USDA Prime Bone-in Rib Roast

Our Dry-Aged USDA Prime Rib Roast delivers a one-of-a-kind taste as the dry aging process intensifies the flavors and tenderizes the meat. Our steaks are aged for 42-45 days, resulting in a distinctly enhanced flavor profile. Read More

Allen Brothers’ dry aged steaks undergo a sophisticated dry-aging process in custom-designed coolers, where they are exposed to controlled conditions of temperature, air circulation, and humidity. This method, lasting between 42-45 days, allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat, enhancing its texture and infusing it with a rich, beefy flavor that sets our dry-aged prime rib roast apart.

Our USDA Prime bone-in rib roast is hand-selected from the top 2% of grain-fed beef, guaranteeing a roast that is unparalleled in both taste and quality. Our skilled butchers expertly hand-cut each piece to ensure flawless presentation and consistency.

Recommended Cooking Methods

  • Smoking: Slow-cooking the steak enhances its deep flavors.

  • Grilling : High heat brings out the steak's succulence and natural aromas.

  • Pan-Searing: Achieve a delicious crust that locks in juices and amplifies flavor.

Prime rib is best served at medium rare - aim for an internal temperature 135°F to ensure it is perfectly cooked, tender, and juicy.

Experience a luxurious meal with our dry-aged prime rib for sale; it offers an unforgettable taste that is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the art of fine dining with the best dry-aged beef available—Allen Brothers promises a memorable meal with every bite.