A5 Japanese Wagyu Flight

The ultimate wagyu experience, a flight of our finest A5 cuts. This bundle is a 15% savings compared to purchasing the same cuts separately. Read More

Sample our finest Japanese Wagyu and savor the best of the best. Our A5 Snow-aged Boneless Strip Steaks and Tenderloin Medallions from cattle raised in the Japanese prefecture of Niigata or "Snow Country" and aged in a low-temperature, high-humidity environment, resulting in a delicate yet rich mouthfeel and a sweet, mellow taste. Our A5 Japanese Ribeyes, sourced from the Miyazaki Prefecture, are abundantly marbled for a truly unforgettable eating experience.

A5 is so rich that it is traditionally cut thinner and meant to be quickly seared in a cast iron pan or carefully over hot coals, in order to melt the intramuscular fat that bastes the meat, giving it the full rich flavor profile specific to this highest rated wagyu.

Bundle includes:

2 pcs A5 Japanese Snow-aged Medallions 4 oz each

2 pcs A5 Japanese Ribeyes 10 oz each

2 pcs A5 Japanese Snow-aged Strip Steaks 8 oz each