Cooks Venture Chicken (5 Results)

Experience the real rich chicken flavor of a Pasture Raised, Heirloom Breed - No Antibiotics - 100% Veg Fed - Non-GMO Feed - Certified Humane - Air Chilled

Every step of farming—from breeding and raising animals humanely, to implementing regenerative agriculture system—contributes to the amazing flavor of Cooks Venture chicken.

Transparency in every step - from regenerative farming practices of their non-GMO feed to their careful breeding selection to the land to which these birds have unrestricted access –all contributing to a chicken with deeply flavored meat.

Pasture Raised GAP 4 Certified - raised on pasture 100% of the time with access to shelter, they are bred to thrive outdoors. Slow-growth birds not only taste better they have higher levels of Omega 3s and vitamin A, lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fats, and higher levels of antioxidants and iron.

Air Chilled chickens pass through several chambers of cold, purified air with no added moisture, a retention of natural juices, and a tender, more flavorful meat, which cooks faster.