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USDA Prime Cover Rib Steaks

Hand-carved from the "cap" of our rib roasts, the richest, most flavorful part of the ribeye Read More

We all know the saying, fat equals flavor, and this cut is the proof. Prime rib lovers will savor this steak cut from the outside "cap" of our USDA Prime Rib Roasts. Our highly skilled butchers hand-carve this delicious fatty cap of the roast to create the cover rib steak, Spinalis Dorsi, or more commonly known as a ribeye cap steak. This is what ribeye lovers truly enjoy, all of the full exceptional marbling, exquisite flavor, and extraordinary tenderness. A steak so rare and special we can't keep it in stock. This tender cut is best cooked quickly over high heat to medium rare, either in a cast iron skillet or on the grill.

We also offer our USDA Prime Center Cut Eye-rib steaks with the cap removed.