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Duroc Porterhouse Pork Chops

A tender and flavorful chop that includes the loin chop and tenderloin Read More

The Pork Porterhouse, also known as the Pork Loin Chop, is a combination of the top loin and tenderloin. Famous for their delicate flavor and rich marbling, our heritage Duroc Pork Porterhouse Chops are wet-aged to perfection, creating an even more tender and flavorful chop. Whether you grill, broil, or bake, these chops are incredibly tender, thick, and juicy. We recommended cooking to slight pink in the middle for a moist and tender chop.

Heritage Duroc pork is known for its rich red color and evenly marbled, flavorful meat. Nothing like grocery store pork, Duroc pork has a more delicate meat that will be juicy and tender when cooked to medium rare. Raised in the USA by small family farmers who prioritize animal welfare. You won't find better tasting or more tender pork anywhere.