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Duroc Bone-In Pork Chops

Prized by chefs for its high level of marbling resulting in a naturally moist, exceptionally flavorful and juicy meat Read More

Our thick cut pork chops, cut from the rib area of the loin, with the bone-in for a juicier and richer flavor. Heritage Duroc pork is known for its rich red color and evenly marbled, flavorful meat. Nothing like grocery store pork, Duroc pork has a more delicate meat that will be juicy and tender when cooked to medium rare. Pork rib chops will cook up fast whether on the grill or in the pan so be careful not to overcook. Our Duroc is raised in the USA by small family farmers who prioritize animal welfare, raised crate-free without the use of Antibiotics EVER and always fed a vegetarian diet.