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Wet Aged Steak Assortments (13 Results)

Whether you’re searching for options for everyday meals, as gifts or for home entertaining, our selection of wet-aged steak assortments is perfect for your needs. We wet age our beef in-house using our patented wet aging process.

Meats are aged between 32 and 48 days in vacuum-sealed bags, where enzymes break down the complex proteins of the beef, resulting in a more tender and succulent steak.

The taste and tenderness produced by wet aging is unlike any other. You can take advantage of wet aging's impeccable flavor by selecting one of our wet-aged steak assortments. From the top grade USDA Prime and Choice steaks to the iconic Wagyu and Black Angus beef options, this collection has it all. If you've never sampled Allen Brother's excellent beef, you can indulge in one of over 20 assortments. Each one features a different selection of premium beef cuts, like the Executive Assortment with 6 USDA Prime steaks in total—three sirloin strip steaks and three filets. Choose the VP, Chairman, Presidential, or Director's Assortments as gifts to your board, top performers, or yourself. These are great to have on hand for the family for weekly meals, so you always have a perfect meal at the ready. For a beef option that diverges from the norm, try our 100% Black Angus steaks, which feature a high degree of marbling and exceptional flavor. Our Wagyu Beef Sampler offers some of our best cuts with filet mignons, ribeyes, and sirloin strips, all complete with the Wagyu marbling and out-of-this-world tenderness you love. No matter which assortment of our high quality wet-aged steaks you select, you or your recipient will be more than satisfied with the hand-cut precision and top quality meats from Allen Brothers.

The juicy, tender flavor imparted by wet aging is ideal for those searching for an indulgent weeknight dinner or a worthwhile gift. Make your purchase even better with our ready-to-eat appetizers, butters, caviars, and must-have desserts. If you have any questions about our premium wet-aged steak assortments, please contact us for further assistance. Experience the Allen Brothers difference today.