Wagyu Filet Mignon (3 Results)

With its superior quality and buttery tenderness, Wagyu can take any meal to new heights. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply wish to make a weeknight meal memorable, our Wagyu filet options offer the dining experience you’re looking for.

In this selection, we offer several types of Wagyu filets that feature all the luxurious qualities you love about this type of beef. The beautiful network of marbling with the sweet, yet beefy flavor is present in all of our Wagyu beef options. From the iconic Japanese Wagyu to Australian, there are flavor distinctions between each of these geographic origins that will take you on an exciting culinary adventure. Most of our Wagyu filets are wet-aged to make the beef even more decadently sweet and juicy. For an impressive change of pace, consider our snow-aged Wagyu Tenderloin Medallions. Raised in Niigata, Japan, or “Snow Country,” the Wagyu is aged in storehouses called Yukimonos, which are covered with snow and insulated with rice bran. This ancient method imparts a sumptuous flavor that you must experience! If you’re searching for a unique option to serve your guests, this is certainly a viable contender.

Prepare our Wagyu filet options however you’d like. They’re incredibly flavorful and tender when grilled, reverse seared, cooked in a sous vide, and virtually any other method. From indulgent Asian flavors to the quaint salt and pepper purist, Wagyu takes beautifully to any number of sauces and seasonings.  Its versatility makes it a special addition to any meal, whether it’s a simple night at home with your family or you’re planning an incredible feast for your guests over the holidays or in celebration of another occasion.

See our Wagyu Beef Cooking Guide for restaurant-quality recipes that bring out the richness of this premium beef. Complete your family or party dining experience by adding our appetizers, desserts, and other prepared food options to your order. You’ll also find gourmet butters, caviars, and other must have pantry items to coordinate with your exceptional Wagyu dinner. For questions about our Wagyu filet selection, please contact us for further assistance.