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Wagyu Ribeye Steak

With an extraordinarily rich flavor and marbling it is no wonder why wagyu lovers prefer this one-of-a-kind Australian beef. Grade: BMS 6-7 Read More

These Wagyu ribeye steaks are distinguished by their rich marbling, or intramuscular fat, which is evenly distributed throughout each steak. It is this well-balanced marbling that is evenly distributed throughout the flavorful meat, combined with our wet-aging process, that creates a rich and mellow flavor.

Westholme cattle are raised on expansive Australian pastures by dedicated families who steward the land and are obsessed with crafting the finest beef. With a lineage that traces back to champion Wagyu bulls and cows, these cattle are born wild and roam free on vast pastures, where they feed on native grass. These are some seriously happy cattle, well cared for by families dedicated to crafting the finest beef on earth.

Grade: BMS 6-7