Wagyu Heat and Serve Meals

A great meal is about more than the end result. There are days when you want to save on time without sacrificing on flavor or quality. With our delicious Wagyu heat and serve meals at the ready, whip up something savory with ease!

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There are several reasons to consider Wagyu for your next dining experience. For starters, this type of beef offers exceptional marbling. This type of beef is also incredibly tender and juicy while boasting a flavorful appeal with every bite. When considering Wagyu heat and serve options for your menu, rest assured you are getting one of the most desirable choices on the market. We take great care to ensure the highest of standards in terms of handling, trimming, and flavor with every selection we feature in our inventory of Wagyu ready to heat meals. These selections make any meal easy and delicious without extra effort on your part. We take care of everything from the preparation to the cooking so you simply heat it up and enjoy a savory end result! For instance, when looking to bring your breakfast experience up a notch with ease, our Wagyu corned beef hash is an instant favorite with one bite. We take tender, flavorful Wagyu brisket and mix it with delicious potatoes, onions, and spices to bring together a dish worth savoring with every bite. Pair this savory option with eggs prepared your favorite way for a winning combo sure to start the day off right. Our selections are always ready to serve so you can simply heat and eat! Order today and take your next meal to new heights with ease.

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