Aug 10, 2010

2010 Maxim Food Awards: Fire Her Loins

Maxim knows there comes a time when every man must learn to fend for himself. So instead of sending you on the road to fill your belly, this year’s food awards are sending you into the kitchen, with help from the country’s best chefs. Try not to set anything on fire.
There’s only one way to a woman’s heart. But you can’t afford a gulfstream. So try the next best thing: proving your mettle in the kitchen.


Trick her into thinking you’re a culinary king.

In the odd event that your foray into cooking fails, better have a backup plan. Chicago-based Allen Brothers supplies meat to some of the country’s best steakhouses and, lucky for you, to some of the country’s worst cooks. Order their filet mignon dinner, which includes four oven-ready filets, three pounds of creamed spinach, and four chocolate soufflés. Sure, it’s $200, but it’s enough to feed two dates for the price of one!