Jun 3, 2008

Meadow Reserve Veal

Allen Brothers introduces authentic, humanely-raised veal; calves roam pastures, drink mother's milk-as nature intended, Strauss Meadow Reserve is flaverful, tender and succulent.

Chicago – Get ready to enjoy the great taste of authentic, humanely-raised veal delivered to your home or on the menu at your favorite restaurant. It’s flavorful, tender, succulent and pasture raised -- the way veal was meant to be. It’s “the right veal for America.”

Most people have never tasted authentic veal because it has not been available to most Americans for decades. Almost all veal today is produced through confinement-based farming methods and lacks the qualities that were the hallmarks of naturally raised veal for centuries.

But all that’s about to change with the introduction Strauss Meadow Reserve veal. It’s superb American veal you can really feel good about.

And you can get it only from Allen Brothers.

Through its catalog (1-800-957-0111) and Web site (www.allenbrothers.com) Allen Brothers offers America’s finest selection of USDA Prime aged beef and other highest quality meats and gourmet foods, almost all Allen Brothers exclusives.

“We’re pleased to have been asked by Strauss Brands to be the exclusive source of their exceptional Meadow Reserve veal. We believe it is America’s finest veal,” said Allen Brothers president Todd Hatoff. This outstanding veal has the rich flavor, tenderness, succulence and nutritional excellence that only a humane, natural and sustainable pasture-raising environment and superior calves can provide.

Meadow Reserve veal is a healthy rich color thanks to calves drinking their mother's milk and grazing on lush pasture grass, as nature intended.

“This is one of the most delicious and versatile of all meats. If you haven’t been a veal lover, you soon will be,” said Hatoff.

Allen Brothers selection of Meadow Reserve includes veal rib chops, veal loin chops, a veal long-bone chop, veal medallions, veal slices, veal shanks for osso buco, and veal rack roast, with more items to be added shortly.

“As one of the nation’s leading veal processors, Strauss Brands is committed to replacing the current system of veal production with a more humane, compassionate and natural system of raising animals. In so doing we have succeeded in rediscovering authentic veal that has not been widely available to U.S. consumers for generations,” said Randy Strauss, the company’s president and CEO.

“The size and scope of what we’re doing, together with our partnership with Allen Brothers, means this superior humanely-raised veal will be available nationwide 52 weeks a year.”

Meadow Reserve calves are never tethered, crated or raised in confinement, never given growth hormones or antibiotics and never fed animal byproducts. Each calf is traceable to its place of birth.

The delicacy of veal was referenced in the Old Testament and has been celebrated throughout history by many cultures. Now Strauss Brands is the leading force behind the revival of the all-but-lost art of pasture-raised veal.

Meadow Reserve is delicious and has a healthy nutritional profile (low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.)

But there is more to the Meadow Reserve story. There is a very special breed of cattle. After extensive research, Strauss Brands selected the Limousin breed for its authenticity, taste and tenderness. That decision was validated when 26 out of 28 taste panels preferred Limousin veal to all others.

Based on cave drawings, the Limousin breed, which was discovered in the central Marche and Limousin regions of France, may have originated as long as 16,000 years ago. In France, where culinary excellence is fundamental to the culture, the best Limousin calves are bred for veal.

“Allen Brothers is a fourth generation, family owned company and during all our years in business, we have rarely endorsed a brand. We’re proud to add ‘the right veal,’ Strauss Meadow Reserve, to that select list,” said Hatoff.