Preparation Methods

Meat Temperatures and Thermometers


At Allen Brothers, we believe in taking the guesswork out of cooking. Therefore, we recommend using a meat thermometer and cooking to a desired internal temperature, since not all appliances cook at the same rate. We have included temperature charts throughout this guide for all of our products, and they include temperatures that are used by many restaurants and gourmets as well as those suggested by the USDA.

Don't Rush - Let it rest

Resting cooked meat allows the natural juices that seep to the center during cooking to redistribute throughout the cut, and ensures a moist finished selection at the table. As the meat rests, it also continues to rise in temperature (5°to 15°F). A larger or thicker cut will have a greater impact to the final internal temperature of the meat. A higher cooking temperature for certain cuts of meat may also affect this internal temperature rise.

CutResting TimeTemperature Increase
Steaks 5 min. 125° to 130°F
Thin Chops 5 min. 130° to 140°F
Thick Chops 5-10 min. 135° to 145°F
Small Roasts 5-10 min. 150° to 155°F
Large Roasts 15-30 min.  


Cooking to recommended internal core temperatures is only a guide. Inherent differences in appliances and variations in portion sizes and quantities will affect actual cooking times and preparation temperatures.

Meat Thermometers

We recommend you use a good instant read digital thermometer; they are easy to use and provide a quick accurate temperature read.

Cooking Times

We recommend cooking steaks at 550°F. Meat continues to cook after it is removed from heat so we recommend you remove 5°-10°F before desired internal temperature. Temperatures below are final internal temperatures after rest; please refer to our Grilling Guide for internal temperatures at which to remove from the grill. These are suggested guidelines and since grill temperatures may vary from one appliance to another for best results always use a meat thermometer.

Rare 125° to130°F 140°F
Medium-Rare 130° to140°F 150°F
Medium 140° to150°F 160°F
Medium-Well 150° to150°F 170°F
Well Done Not Recommened  

*We have included temperatures recommended by the USDA which tend to be higher than those recommended by meat cookers and chefs. It is up to you to decide which temperature to use.

To season or not to season?

The best things in life need no embellishment. Thanks to meticulous aging processes and the exceptional quality of Allen Brothers meat, our cuts possess a remarkable natural flavor that has no need for seasoning. However, if you do choose to season or want a surface crust, we suggest: fill a small dish with coarse salt, freshly ground black pepper and a little minced garlic. Pour enough olive oil to cover spices and brush the meat with olive oil mixture.

Our steaks, chops and roasts are versatile and can be broiled, baked, grilled, smoked or cooked on a rotisserie. Steaks and chops are delicious seared on the stovetop then roasted in the oven, or they can be broiled or grilled. In addition to cooking roasts in the oven, try slow-roasting on a grill.