Our Promise Of Excellence

We guarantee the quality and grade of our meats. Our USDA Prime beef and other selections are of the highest quality. When you order Prime from us, you will only get genuine wet-aged or dry-aged USDA Prime.

We guarantee that your product will arrive in wholesome condition. Your meat will arrive from Allen Brothers either frozen or chilled.

We guarantee that you will get what you order. We weigh our meat on electronic digital scales that are carefully monitored for accuracy so you always receive the weight you ordered or more. In addition, we work hard to ensure your order is selected and shipped correctly. If an item is out of stock, we will notify you and give you an opportunity to substitute.

We ask you to notify us of problems by the next business day. Our "Promise of Excellence®" is your assurance of quality from Allen Brothers. If we fail to live up to any aspect of our guarantee, we will replace your order or issue a gift card, provided you notify us at 800.548.7777 (weekdays 6 am to 9 pm CST) the next business day after receipt of your order.

In no event will any replacement or refund constitute an admission of any kind by Allen Brothers. We reserve the right to fully investigate claims that we believe may be unfounded or fraudulent.