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Wet Aged Porterhouse Steak (3 Results)

Porterhouse steaks are large cuts that are beloved for their unique flavor and tenderness. Where one side of this cut is a strip steak, the other is a top loin when the bone is removed.

Often, porterhouses are used as the perfect date night meal, as they can easily feed two people. When wet-aged, porterhouses develop an even more rich and memorable flavor.

Wet aging is a technique where we place our beef in vacuum-sealed bags, which prevents moisture from evaporating. Our highly skilled butchers allow it to age between 32 and 48 days under highly controlled conditions, creating an even more tender and flavorful meat. As the meat ages, enzymes break down the tissues, making it more tender. When aging is completed, the beef is artisanal cut into perfect steaks, like our porterhouses. Hand-cutting is one of the many ways in which we keep our practices traditional, with no need for automation. Our wet-aged porterhouse options are USDA Prime, meaning they're of the top 3% of all graded American beef. Of these selections, one of them is a natural beef option that pasture-raised and finished without added hormones or antibiotics. Our natural wet-aged porterhouse steaks feature a high level of grading and stunning marbling, making for exceptional steaks. Order these cuts in options up to 8 pieces to suit your family gathering, dinner party, holiday feast, at-home date night, or a simple weeknight meal. At Allen Brothers, our commitment to excellence means no corners cut, and these steaks exemplify that principle.

When you'd like to have a few wet-aged porterhouse steaks at home, Allen Brothers is here to provide the top-quality cuts of beef you deserve. Add on a few of our ready-to-eat appetizers, truffle butter, caviar, and decadent desserts to make your porterhouse meal even more special! If you have any questions about our premium wet-aged porterhouse steaks, please contact us for further assistance. Experience a flavorful beef worth savoring today.