Allen Brothers Supports Truth-In-Menu

Truth in menu


We source beef only from the U.S. (exclusive of Japanese Kobe and Wagyu Cabassi). And we only source the best breeds from the mid and middle-northern states where the land and climate are ideal for growing and feeding what we feel is the very best beef you can buy.


 Many consumers understand “Prime“ and “Choice.” But did you know that within each grade there are varying levels of marbling? We select only the top level within a grade. And we never use fancy names for our beef — we tell you exactly the grade you’re buying. When you buy Allen Brothers USDA Prime, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best USDA Prime possible.


We age our beef for full tenderness and flavor — aging makes a huge difference. And our privately-trained expert butchers artisan-cut all our beef by hand. We never machine-cut, which affects tenderness.

Highest Quality

Allen Brothers is an official USDA-certified facility, authorized to ship our beef directly to you, across the U.S. Unlike some others, we never rely on another supplier to cut or ship out of our constant oversight. From beef selection, to aging, to cutting, to your table, count on Allen Brothers for superior taste, flavor and tenderness.