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USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

Thick-cut from our exceptional USDA Prime rib roasts, Allen Brothers wet-aged ribeye steaks are distinguished by their rich marbling and natural “flavor kernel” that run through each steak. It is this marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat throughout the cooking process, imparting a mellow, Prime rib flavor. Enjoy bone-in for those who prefer the added flavor that comes from the bone.

NOTE: While we make every attempt to meet the thicknesses listed, these figures are only averages.

item # options price qty
99280 4 ribeyes 26 oz ea 2" thick
99289 8 ribeyes 22 oz ea 1.5" thick
99285 4 ribeyes 22 oz ea 1.5" thick
99279 8 ribeyes 20 oz ea 1.5" thick
99278 4 ribeyes 20 oz ea 1.5" thick
  • Perfectly Marbled Ribeye!

    After many attempts for greatness we selected Allen Brothers and couldn't be happier. The old adage from my father, 'Son, you get what you pay for' still rings in my head. I truly believe Allen Brothers has the same philosophy.

    Kevin Rathbun, Executive Chef & Owner; Kevin Rathbun Steak - Atlanta, GA (12/13/11)