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The crowning glory of the holiday table: Crowned filets mignon

The holiday season is already in full swing, and that means one thing: Family and friends swarming around, eager to eat, drink, and celebrate together throughout the coming weeks. Even if you have Thanksgiving dinner all figured out by now, what about all those other nights during the holiday season, from now all the way to Christmas and New Year’s? For spontaneous gatherings, intimate holiday dinner parties, and cozy nights at home after a day of gift-shopping, I like to stock up on a few special dishes that so I can entertain last-minute, or feast with my family at home—with no fuss and no muss! My all-around holiday all-star? Crowned filets mignon, one of Allen Brothers’ most elegant main courses.


The best Halloween party ever, thanks to Allen Brothers treats and sweets

How was your Halloween? This year, I went to the most incredible Halloween party ever. Three of my dearest friends threw a giant, blowout costume bash, and I brought my favorite Allen Brothers treats to round out the gorgeous hors d’oeuvres and dessert spreads. My favorite costumes of the night: Four guys showed up dressed up like characters from Braveheart, with kilts and long wild wigs. Someone showed up as an enormous bunch of Fruit of the Loom grapes. My friends Jim and Allison came as a giant two-person truck, and somehow managed to “drive” through the room filled with a hundred-plus guests. The best part of the evening? Food that ingeniously captured the Halloween spirit.