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A look back: Julia Child’s letters to Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers USDA Prime steaks have attracted lots of celebrity clients since the company launched in 1893. One of the most illustrious? None other than Julia Child. Allen Brothers president Todd Hatoff fondly remembers the days when he used to ship boxes of steaks to the late, great Child:
“She was a wonderful lady. She mail-ordered steaks from us, mostly Prime strips and ribeyes. She liked a lot of fat, the most fat you could get.” Child liked to correspond by mail. “She wrote us letters,” Hatoff recalls.


Ask Dr. Marsden: A brilliant scientist explains why dry-aged steaks are so delicious

If Julia Child couldn’t get enough of the dry-aged steaks from Allen Brothers, they must be pretty special (but we already knew that!). How exactly does Allen Brothers create that distinctive, dry-aged flavor? I asked Dr. James Marsden, who helps Allen Brothers implement and innovate state-of-the-art aging and processing facilities at the Chicago headquarters. Marsden knows what he’s talking about when it comes to beef: He’s the Regents Distinguished Professor in Food Safety and Security at Kansas State University, and he’s also a science advisor for North American Meat Processors. (Incidentally, he’s also the father of heartthrob actor James Marsden, who played Cyclops in all three “X-Men” movies—and whose voice you can hear as the German shepherd in the just-released animated film “Cats and Dogs.”) So, what’s all the fuss about dry-aging?