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Cookout tips: Grill the best burgers and hot dogs ever!

Hitting the grill at the beach house or in the backyard this summer? Whether you’re cooking out at home or joining friends and neighbors for an outdoor extravaganza, make sure you’re armed with the most incredible, grill-tastic burgers and hot dogs.


Chef’s fabulous lamb-burger toppings

As Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything , put it so well in a recent New York Times column about burgers:

“Because lamb is the most full flavored of the everyday meats, it makes a more delicious plain burger than beef. Cooked with nothing but salt, it’s fantastic. Cooked with a variety of spices, it’s a game-changer.”

Chef Suvir Saran’s lamb burger, available right here from Allen Brothers, is most definitely a game-changer. If you’re planning to grill some up this summer, take note of Suvir’s tips on how to make sure the burgers come out extra-juicy and delicious: